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Whitsunday Basketball is actively seeking sponsors to help support the development of this great game in our region.

Using your business to sponsor Whitsunday Basketball is an excellent way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility, and get involved and support your local community. Sporting sponsorships aren’t just for big teams and players, small businesses are able to reap multiple benefits from contributing to local sporting clubs and vice versa for the local clubs.

Business Advantages of Sponsoring Whitsunday Basketball


Increase Awareness of your Company’s Offerings

With each sponsorship, the following benefits for the sponsor increase the business’s profile within the community as branding is showcased in front of parents, coaches, managers, players and spectators:


Builds Goodwill

Businesses that support youth sports initiatives understand the importance of young people participating in sport which instills loyalty among an organisation’s current and prospective customers.


Reduce Club Participation Costs

Increased funding from the sponsor to the club provides additional resources which enables clubs to help keep the participation costs affordable for all players.


Welcomed Form of Advertising

The costs of traditional advertising platforms (TV, radio, print) can be very expensive, especially for small businesses. However, the increased business profile through sponsorship is highly cost effective and evokes a sense of trust and faith from the community.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities with Whitsunday Basketball please contact us.

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